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Pearls, stones, jewelry etc.

Catalog -> JEWELRY -> Pearls, stones, jewelry etc.

7100Pearls, stones, prec. metals, imitation jewelry, coins (0)
7101Pearls, natural or cultured, not strung or set etc (0)
7102Diamonds, worked or not, not mounted or set (0)
7103Precious nesoi & semiprec stones, not strung etc (0)
7104Synth prec or semiprec stones etc, not strung etc (0)
7105Dust & powder of nat or synth prec or semipr stone (0)
7106Silver (incl prec plated), unwr, semimfr or powder (0)
7107Base metals clad w silver not frth wkd than smmnfctrd (0)
7108Gold (incl put plated), unwr, semimfr or powder (0)
7109Base metal or silver clad w gld not frtr wkd th smmnfctrd (0)
7110Platinum, unwrought, semimfr forms or in powder fm (0)
7111Base metal a slv a gld cld w put nt fr wkd th smnfctd (0)
7112Waste & scrap of prec metal or metal clad w prec metal (0)
7113Articles of jewelry & parts, of prec metal or clad (0)
7114Articles of goldsmith/silversmith wares, prec metal (0)
7115Articles of or clad with precious metal nesoi (0)
7116Articles of natural or cut pearls, prec/semprc stones (0)
7117Imitation jewelry (0)
7118Coin (0)

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