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Articles of iron and steel

Catalog -> METALS -> Articles of iron and steel

7300Articles of iron or steel (0)
7301Sheet piling, welded angles etc of iron or steel (0)
7302Railway etc track construction material, iron & steel (0)
7303Tubes, pipes and hollow profiles of cast iron (1)
7304Tubes, pipes etc, seamless, iron nesoi & steel (1)
7305Tubes & pipes nesoi, ext dia ov406-4mm, iron & steel (1)
7306Tubes, pipes & hollow profiles nesoi, iron & steel (1)
7307Tube or pipe fittings, of iron or steel (2)
7308Structures nesoi & parts thereof, of iron or steel (1)
7309Tanks etc, over 300 liter capacity, iron or steel (0)
7310Tanks etc, n/ov 300 liter capacity, iron or steel (0)
7311Containers for compressed or liquified gas (0)
7312Stranded wire, ropes etc, no elec ins, iron or steel (0)
7313Barbed wire and twisted wire for fencing, iron/steel (1)
7314Cloth, grill etc iron or steel; expand metal, iron or steel (0)
7315Chain & parts, of iron or steel (0)
7316Anchors, grapnels and parts thereof, of iron/steel (0)
7317Nails, tacks, drawing pins etc of iron or steel (1)
7318Screws, bolts, nuts, washers etc, iron or steel (2)
7319Needles, sew & knit, bodkins etc, pins etc iron & steel (0)
7320Springs & leaves for springs, iron or steel (0)
7321Stoves, ranges etc, nonel domestic & parts, iron & steel (0)
7322Radiators, air heaters etc, nonel & parts, iron & steel (0)
7323Household articles & parts, iron & st; ir or steel wool etc (0)
7324Sanitary ware & parts, iron or steel (0)
7325Cast articles nesoi, of iron or steel (1)
7326Articles of iron or steel, nesoi (0)

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