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Tools, spoons, forks, base metals

Catalog -> METALS -> Tools, spoons, forks, base metals

8200Tools, spoons & forks of base metal (0)
8201Handtools & tools used in agricult etc, b met pts (0)
8202Handsaws & metal pts; saw blades; base mtl saw parts (0)
8203Files, rasps, pliers, metalcut shears etc, b mt pt (0)
8204Hand operated spanners & wrenches etc, b met parts (0)
8205Handtools nesoi; blow torches etc; anvils etc (0)
8206Tools of 2 om of hdg 8202-8205, sets for retail sale (0)
8207Interchange tools for handor machine-tools, bmpt (0)
8208Knives & blades for machines & appliances, b mt pt (0)
8209Plates, sticks, tips etc f tools unmntd sntrd crbds/crmts (0)
8210Hand-op mech appl 10kg or less, food/drk prp/con/srv pt (0)
8211Knives with blades & blades for knives nesoi, bmpt (0)
8212Razors & razor blades (incl blade blanks), b mt pt (0)
8213Scissors, tailors & smlr shears, blds a oth bs mtl pas (0)
8214Articles of cutlery nesoi; manicure sets etc, bmpt (0)
8215Tableware etc of base metal, & base metal parts (0)

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