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Vehicles other than railways

Catalog -> TRANSPORTATION -> Vehicles other than railways

8700Vehicles other than railway or tramway rolling stock (0)
8701Tractors (other than works trucks) of heading 8709 (0)
8702Public-transport type passenger motor vehicles (0)
8703Motor cars & vehicles for transporting persons (0)
8704Motor vehicles for transport of goods (0)
8705Special purpose motor vehicles nesoi (0)
8706Chassis w eng for trac, mtr veh f pass/gd & special pur (0)
8707Bodies (including cabs), for specific motor vehicles (1)
8708Parts & access for motor vehicles (head 8701-8705 (3)
8709Works trucks, self-prop, no lift; stat tractors; pt (0)
8710Tank & other armored fight vehicle, motorized; and parts (0)
8711Motorcycles (incl mopeds) & cycles with aux motor (0)
8712Bicycles & other cycles (inc del tricycle) no motor (0)
8713Invalid carriages, mechanically propelled or not (0)
8714Parts & access for cycles & invalid carriages (0)
8715Baby carriages (inc strollers) and parts thereof (0)
8716Trailers etc; other vehicles, not mech propelled, pt (0)

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