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Animal/veg fats, oils, waxes

Catalog -> FATS/OILS -> Animal/veg fats, oils, waxes

1500Animal or vegetable fats, oils & waxes (2)
1501Lard; other pig fat and poultry fat, rendered (0)
1502Fats, bovine, sheep or goat, raw or rendered (0)
1503Lard stearin/lard oil/etc not emulsified or preprd (0)
1504Fats & oils, their fractions, fish & marine mammal (0)
1505Wool grease & fatty substances derived therefrom (0)
1506Animal fat & oil & reaction nesoi not chem modified (0)
1507Soybean oil & its fractions, not chemically modified (0)
1508Peanut oil & its fractions, not chemically modified (0)
1509Olive oil & its fractions, not chemically modified (1)
1510Olive-residue oil & blends (& 1510) not chem mod (2)
1511Palm oil & its fractions, not chemically modified (0)
1512Sunflower-seed, safflower or cottonseed oil, not ch mod (1)
1513Coconut, palm kernel or babassu oil etc, not ch mod (0)
1514Rapeseed, colza or mustard oil etc, not chem modif (0)
1515Fixed veg fats & oils nesoi etc, not chem modified (0)
1516An or veg fats & oils, hydrogen etc, not fur prep (0)
1517Margarine; edible mixtures etc an or veg fat & oil (0)
1518Animal/veg fats & oils chem modified; inedbl mxt etc (0)
1519Ind monocarb fat acids; acid oil, ref; ind fat alc (0)
1520Glycerol (glycerine), glycerol waters and lyes (0)
1521Veg waxes nesoi, beeswax etc and spermaceti (0)
1522Degras; residues from fatty substances/animal/veg waxs (0)

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