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Minerals, fuels, oils

Catalog -> MINERAL PRODUCTS -> Minerals, fuels, oils

2700Mineral fuels, oils, waxes & bituminous sub (0)
2701Coal; briquettes, ovoids etc, mfr from coal (1)
2702Lignite, agglomerated or not, excluding jet (0)
2703Peat (including peat litter), incl agglomrtd (0)
2704Coke etc of coal, lignite or peat; retort carbon (0)
2705Coal gas, water gas, prdcr gas etc, ex pet gs & othgs (0)
2706Mineral tars, including reconstituted tars (0)
2707Oils etc from high temp coal tar; sim aromatic etc (0)
2708Pitch & pitch coke from coal tar or other min tars (0)
2709Crude oil from petroleum and bituminous minerals (0)
2710Oil (not crude) from petrol & bitum mineral etc, (0)
2711Petroleum gases & other gaseous hydrocarbons (0)
2712Petroleum jelly; mineral waxes & similar products (0)
2713Petroleum coke, petroleum bitumen & other residues (0)
2714Bitumen & asphalt, natural; shale & tar sands etc. (0)
2715Bit mixture from nat asph, nat bit, pet bit, min tar or pt (0)
2716Electrical energy (0)

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