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Inorganic chemicals

Catalog -> CHEMICALS -> Inorganic chemicals

2800Inorganic chem, org/inorg compounds of precious metals, isotopes (1)
2801Fluorine, chlorine, bromine & iodine (0)
2802Sulfur, sublimed or precipitated; collodial sulfur (0)
2803Carbon, nesoi (including carbon black) (0)
2804Hydrogen, rare gases and other nonmetals (0)
2805Alkali metals etc; rare-earth metals etc; mercury (1)
2806Hydrogen chloride; chlorosulfuric acid (0)
2807Sulfuric acid; oleum (0)
2808Nitric acid, sulfonitric acids (0)
2809Diphosphorus pentaoxide; phosphoric acid etc (0)
2810Oxides of boron; boric acids (0)
2811Inorganic acids & inorganic oxy nonmet comp nesoi (0)
2812Halides & halide oxides of nonmetals (0)
2813Sulfides of nonmetals; commercial phosp trisulfide (0)
2814Ammonia, anhydrous or in aqueous solution (0)
2815Sodium hydrox; potass hydrox sod or potass perox (1)
2816Hydrox etc of magnesium; oxides etc strontium etc (0)
2817Zinc oxide and zinc peroxide (0)
2818Aluminum oxide (incl art corundum); alum hydroxide (0)
2819Chromium oxides and hydroxides (0)
2820Manganese oxides (0)
2821Iron oxides & hydroxides; earth colors n/un 70% iron (0)
2822Cobalt oxide & hydroxide; commercial cobalt oxides (0)
2823Titanium oxides (0)
2824Lead oxides; red lead and orange lead (0)
2825Hydrazine etc, other inorg bases; metal oxides etc (0)
2826Fluorides; fluorosilicates, fluoroaluminates etc (0)
2827Chlorides etc; bromides etc; iodides etc. (0)
2828Hypochlorites etc; chlorites; hypobromites (0)
2829Chlorates etc; bromates etc; iodates etc. (0)
2830Sulfides; polysulfides (0)
2831Dithionites and sulfoxylates (0)
2832Sulfites; thiosulfates (0)
2833Sulfates; alums; peroxosulfates (per sulfates) (0)
2834Nitrites; nitrates (0)
2835Phosphinates, phosphonates, phosphates & polyphosp (0)
2836Carbonates; peroxocarbonates; comm amm carbonate (0)
2837Cyanides, cyanide oxides and complex cyanides (0)
2838Fulminates, cyanates and thiocyanates (0)
2839Silicates; commercial alkali metal silicates (0)
2840Borates; peroxoborates (0)
2841Salts of oxometallic or peroxometallic acids (0)
2842Salts of inorganic acids or peroxoacids nesoi (0)
2843Colloidal prec metal; prec metal comp & amalgams (0)
2844Radioactive chemical elements & isotopes etc. (0)
2845Stable isotopes and compounds thereof (0)
2846Rare-earth metal compounds of yttrium or scandium (0)
2847Hydrogen peroxide, whether/not solidified w/ urea (0)
2848Phosphides, excluding ferrophosphorus (0)
2849Carbides (1)
2850Hydrides, nitrides, azides, silicides & borides (0)
2851Inorganic compounds nesoi: liq air: amalgams nesoi (0)

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