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27.01.2015 (UA - Ukraine) [OS]
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Export of beverages
The Ukrainian company is interested in export of low-alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks (incl. energy drinks) their own production


05.12.2014 (UA - Ukraine) [BO] [OS]
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Exports of soybean oil, pomace
Exports of soybean oil, pomace LLC "Chaplynsky kombikormoviy zavod" 75200, Kherson region., village Chaplinka, I. Cudry 1 str., tel/fax +380553821939,


03.09.2014 (UA - Ukraine) [OS]
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Export of honey
Exports of high-quality honey packed in sticks to 18g.


03.09.2014 (UA - Ukraine) [OS]
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Export of food products
Export ketchup and other varieties of sauces, mayonnaise, tomato paste, juice, sunflower oil, canned vegetables, macaroni and pasta.


06.05.2014 (TR - Turkey) [BO] [OS]
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Import olive oil
Company want to have longterm trade partnershiops which imports olive oil from Turkey


06.05.2014 (IT - Italy) [BO] [OB] [OS]
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Еxport Fine pastry
Italy company is interesting in business cooperetion in export and developing brand in Ukraina


18.07.2010 (UA - Ukraine) [OS]
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Offer confectionery products
Offer the natural food stuffs: peanuts in caramelized sugar, brittle (roasted candied nuts), halvah, irises, sweets, sunflower seeds of sunflower fried, baked breads, chips.

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